~ where inspirational wisdom meets real life

What’s Up?

Together we will heal past wounding, find truth and set you free!

I can help you do just that.

I am an energetic communicator, who can help you connect and hear your own inspirational wisdom.

You are attracted to me for a reason, just trust and move forward. What I do is not easy to communicate through a website, it is easier to experience it first hand, through a session.

Basically I, you, we are in connection with all that there is. We seek the truth from inspirational wisdom, which is, but is not limited to; higher self, source, god, the universe, guides, angles and other spiritual energies.

I connect with all that there is and give it a voice, so you can get the answers you are looking for in this lifetime. I work in a very personalized way. Blending practical, psychological and spiritual principles.

I have a master’s degree in education, a BA in fine arts, and I am also a certified professional Life Coach. You can find my original coaching practice here www.transformingfamily.com

I have an innate ability to assist in your healing from the inside out.

I am able to see deeply into your unconscious, some might say the soul. I am gifted at healing past wounding.  Specifically; abuse, trauma, addiction, and past pain from childhood.

I use multiple methods and tools to do this work. It is a blend of practical, psychological and spiritual wisdom. I work well by phone and also am able to do deep person to person energy healing. If you live in the Charleston Area or are visiting and would like an in person healing session, please contact me at least a week in advance to set up a time! I would love to connect with you on a deeper level!

Now, with all that being said. Please, please know that you do not have to suffer in this lifetime. You can and will move very quickly through your darkness and into your light when and if you are ready and willing. You are on the willingness continuum if you are here reading this today!

No need to wait, go ahead and take the first (or maybe 100 th) step. Set up a time to just chat and see if we are a good fit…now.

~~~ First Flow Is Free ~~~ Schedule Here ~~~

During this time of my own personal and professional transformation I am offering my sessions for an energetic donation. Money is energy, and I am giving you the freedom to decide, what and how much energy you can afford. I am not sure how long I will be offering myself this way, so if your interested…go for it…now IS the time!

Schedule your appointment and you’ll be In the Flow With Tracy!


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